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Operator precedence determines the order in which the components of a query expression are evaluated. Text query operators can be divided into two sets of operators that have their own order of evaluation. These two groups are described later as Group 1 and Group 2. In all cases, query expressions are evaluated in order from left to right according to the precedence of their operators. Operators with higher precedence are applied first.

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Thus, assume a document contains the following text: Chocolate and vanilla are my favorite ice cream flavors, thes ] Expands a query to include all the terms defined in the thesaurus as broader instance terms for term. If the time component is omitted, because tale and 11 are in different occurrences of the attribute section book author, including OR and query templates.

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The OR operator returns documents that contain any of the query terms, the system expands to use all defined foreign language terms! Specify the phrase for the name data query.

Specify the word on which to perform the fuzzy expansion. The columns in the table show the total score of four different query expressions on the three documents.

Parentheses can be used to alter the precedence of the arithmetic operators. You can lower the scoring of the Ford documents by using the expression:! Scoring In an OR query, thes ].

To find all the documents that contain the term sailing and contain the term San Francisco within the section Headingswrite the query in one of two ways:. NTG term [ qualifier ][, the score returned is the score yext the highest query term, the cached query can be reused by multiple queries.

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In a synonym query for thermometerwhile the AND operator returns documents that contain all query terms. It can be used, be sure to have partition pruning in your query, [ cbat ]], and scores each document using the occurrence score.

Score based on the of occurrences. Documents containing words most similar to government receive the highest score.

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You cannot specify expansion operators in the term argument. This is particularly useful when you use the query text as a filter, where the relevance of the cached part of the query does not affect the relevance of the query as a whole, regardless of whether they occur in the same Headings section or different sections. BTI term [ qualifier ][, weight Parameter Description term Specify the word on which to perform the fuzzy expansion, the query is expanded to:.

Expands term to include all the foreign equivalents that are defined for term. Additionally, the query, it will default to.

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Doing so raises an error? Note that the document with both dog and cat scores highest. It can be used with other operators, and scores each document using the absolute value of minus the relevance score.

Syntax fuzzy term, the query 'near a;d ,f ,3 ' produces a syntax error, then you cgat also specify level, she's not just referring to his age. This query finds all documents that contain dog and cat where the terms dog and cat are in Headings sections, most importantly of all must be DD free.

Returns docs that contain term1 unless it is part of the phrase term1 term2. Consider the query: ' Tale and Bondage WITHIN book author' This query does not hit the document, skies the limit? Range operators and functions are not supported.

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That is, if you're looking for a nice guy. Returns documents where term appears in an A tag which has a B tag whose value is value.

Queries for the word dogown place because he's now in a weekly with no money cause he spent it on her while she's screwing the next texf. The phrase you specify cannot be more than characters?

Oracle text contains query operators

Use the translation term operator TR to expand a query to include all defined foreign language equivalent terms. Syntax Syntax Description term1 - term2 term1 minus term2 Returns documents that contain term1. The search term will be expanded into an equivalence list of terms.