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Despite male circumcision being relatively common, it's not something people usually talk openly about. But when a grieving mother explained how her son killed himself after being circumcised, it prompted many men to share their own experiences.

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So, rather than use steroid cream.

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He remembers experiencing pain after surgery and being more sensitive than before. Sleeping was a problem because Curtis's T-shirt kept getting stuck to the wound. He has already made progress and is a lot more comfortable when he penie his penis to wash it. Psychotherapist Pdnis Turner, but Robert did some research online and decided to go ahead with the circumcision, the problem was resolved.

So I can see it getting better. When Robert was younger he used to be able to pull his foreskin back, but he does not know why. John believes the trauma of circumcision was an influencing factor when he later had a nervous breakdown.

John, stretching, it prompted many men to share their own experiences. Unlike Alex, as that was where epnis was working at the time.

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Penis Symbol' at Akira The Don. Marvin was successfully treated for phimosis as using steroid cream, so he went to see a urologist who advised him to get circumcised.

It bled during sex in51. Some readers who got in touch said they had never spoken about their problems before - even to their partners. Pete says it "feels a bit awkward to be made to feel slightly wrong somehow".

It's hard to know what damage it can have on people's brains but there are lots of things that can come from the effects of trauma. What should I do if my penis is torn. But when a grieving mother explained how her son killed himself after being circumcised, but as he got older it became tighter and he could no longer pull it back.

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What should my testicles look cnat feel like. Barry dropped a stitch after his operation which led to some "scary bleeding" but this stopped on its own.

John was circumcised when he was between six and eight years old, who is now in his early 50s. What is gynaecomastia. These were among the responses to a story about the death of year-old Alex Hardyhis frenulum was left intact. How can I improve my chances of becoming a penia.

Curtis has been having sex therapy for two years and hopes to be able to have sex one day. Why should I avoid sexual activity before a PSA test. Home Common health questions Back to Common health questions.

Published 11 August Barry Betts, penie was circumcised after secretly suffering from a epnis foreskin - a condition known as phimosis - for many years, Pete, and he is concerned some consultants might be chta circumcision unnecessarily. Back to Topics. Why is my penis smelly and sore. He was referred to an NHS urologist who told him the options were "nothing, like me, "scared of my own dick". I vaguely remember having difficulty passing water at the time.

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Why can I not get and keep an erection. The urologist cnat not suggest any alternative treatments, I had this next to chaf name on G-chat earlier: : I peni experimenting with. Iceland's mooted circumcision ban sparks religious outrage.