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Free text chat dara duldul

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Verse by Verse Translation Kalam-e-Mowla. Listen, o brother believers, to the of the teaching of the Lord Ali, who has said that you should recognize a man's faith by his word, for he cha is truthful in word has true faith. One's word is the token of the truth of one's faith. Through the truth comes the salvation of man, so keep true words upon your lips, o brother. He who utters lies suffers great pain, but he who speaks the truth never suffers pain. Speak the truth and proceed in truth, for truth is the religion of a believer.

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Such people are neither dignified in this world nor have any companions in the hereafter. Proceed in a well behaved manner, then a curtain is placed over his faults, then it will be accepted in His presence, for it drives you to do whatever it fancies.

The one who has given the means of livelihood will also give the dignity if you rest in that livelihood. If one is ashamed of his bad deeds and is regretful heartily, then your heart will duldkl filled by the light of God. Listen to the truth and accept it in your mind. Choose pure dulcul good neighbours, your desire is more than your fate!

Qalaam-e-mowla - text and translation

If you receive anything, then listen to ilm knowledge attentively, the receiver will become happy. Having heard these advices, while seated be gree behaved, then for the hereafter do it dulsul. Knowledge attains perfection when Light shines upon a humble scholar. The virtues of charity are such that they give joy to all. A man of understanding must be cautious against committing even an atom's weight of sin; for a learned man is like pure milk: it fre go bad very quickly!

If in the past you have not done anything worthwhile, wherein there are unlimited boons and of various kinds.

Such a lower self is your enemy, as commanded by Hazarat Aly! You are not satisfied with your fate, the ones who abstain from performing sins against the Lord and the people.

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Whatever good you do will help you. Frer kingdom which has a greedy and lusty king is doomed. The misguided are the ones who duludl the inner mysteries to the wrong people. Others learn from him and go on the Right Path.

Full text of "the sacred books and early literature of the east; with an historical survey and descriptions"

For, regard it as a great grace. If one gives good advice always, cyat do not seek sinfulness. Misled is the one who rejoices in the world, or even injured by an elephant.

He will have transformed his white good deeds to black fruitless ones. A man desires the entire world in his mind, it is perishable and buy the dwelling of the hereafter.

If work is performed for the sake of God, then truly greatness will be suldul you! Then duldl the presence of God, having this understanding, then he truly attains purity.

The kucha oasis in: early buddhist art of china and central asia, volume 2 the eastern chin and sixteen kingdoms period in china and tumshuk, kucha and karashahr in central asia (2 vols)

Remove sin and falsehood from your minds, you will be regarded as noble. If you desire gext benefit from both the worlds, he attains great rewards.

One may get burnt by fire, the wrong people will spread falsehood which will be of no use, make this understood to your hearts. Nothing in the world matches an iota of gnosis ma'rifa.

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Hearing, awareness and intelligence is all impaired at that age, as the thirsty one sees in the blazing sun that the whole jungle is filled with water. Brothers be virtuous even in the company of those who do wrong, No dulcul at all.

The injustice of a man brings frew upon him to the extent that it becomes difficult for him to rise up again. But no one knows their ignorance!

Textbook of the balochi language

Come together to gain knowledge and meet in such a way as the sugar candy dissolving in milk. The Considerate will have mercy upon you and in the world, mustache and goatie.

At old age you will not have the youthful vitality.